Wimberley Butterfly Festival

The Wimberley Butterfly Festival is for kids and families to learn about and celebrate monarch butterflies. The Wimberley Butterfly Festival is an event that takes place in the heart of Wimberley, Texas and is fun for the whole family. This springtime festival’s events cater to an audience of all ages, but centers around educating children on the importance of monarch butterflies and their ecosystem. Some events include live music, face painting, educational events and the release of over 4,000 butterflies.

Project Scope: Naming, Positioning, Trademark Development, Art Direction, Brand Identity, EGD 

Project Duration: 3 months 

Tools Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

Completed as a Solo Project

Recognitions: Honorable Mention, Branding—Graphis New Talent 2023, International



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