Getting routine auto maintenance done can come with a lot of stress. Whether it be the fear of being scammed, getting stared at in the waiting area, or just not knowing much about cars, everyone has dealt with the discomfort at one point or another. Tuneup is a car maintenance app that focuses on compiling intricate auto information into an easily understandable format using an interactive AR experience, simple visuals, straightforward tutorials, and shoppable maintenance kits, allowing users to navigate their car at ease.

Project Scope: Naming, Trademark Development, Brand Identity, Packaging, Design Research, UX, UI, AR

Project Duration: 3 months 

Tools Used: Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, Aero

My Contributions: UX/UI, Prototyping, Package Design

Contributors: Myself, Brenna Allen, Hope Vandiver, Jessica Webb, Olivia Cowley 


What is the problem?

As an all female group, we realized we all had similar experiences when going to the mechanic. The anxiety of not knowing about our car, the fear of being scammed by mechanics and a bundle of other issues makes car maintenance a stressful endeavor. 

Why does this matter?

Upon further research into this idea, we discovered that this was a common phenomenon with women, particularly in Generation Z. We wanted to find a way to relieve some of the stress with this common problem. 



Survey Results

Pain Points

User Persona

Empathy Map




Final Outcome

Homepage + Profile

Users can access all of their car maintenance information, such as upcoming and recent maintenance and extra information on the specific car. When swiped to the right, users can access settings to change any personal/ car information

This feature allows users to easily access all of the information they need about their car with just one tap. Illustrations and limited copy makes the information easy to quickly digest.



The shop page offers purchasable kits such as the oil change pack, tire hole pack, and more for users to buy all the tools they need to do general routine car maintenance in the comfort of their own space.



The shop page offers video tutorials on how to do basic car maintenance tasks. The user can filter what they are seeing by parts and/or tools using the buttons at the top of the page.

Once selecting a specific video, the user is able view the required tools for the task, a general time estimate, and a short description of what the video entails.


AR Selection + Experience

The user is able to quickly and easily select what parts of the engine bay they would like to be labeled and displayed in the augmented reality feature. 

When using the AR feature of the app, users can see where selected parts of their car are located. When a car part is clicked on the AR screen, a video tutorial will pop up that the user can select to learn how to maintenance it.


Using Format