For most young people, climate change is one of their biggest concerns. We know that pollution is a problem, but conflicting information and eco-anxiety make facing the problem all that more difficult. Plastic Horizons is an immersive exhibition that teaches people about plastic pollution in the Gulf of Mexico in a fun and stress-free way. Plastic Horizons includes an educational walkthrough, an interactive VR minigame and an app that guides  users through and rewards them for eco-concious lifestyle changes.

Project Scope: Naming, Trademark Development, Brand Identity, Design Research, UX, UI

Project Duration: 4 months 

Tools Used: Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere

My Roles: Trademark/Brand Development, Design Research, Exhibition Building

Contributors: Myself, Lily Shuffler


What is the problem? 

Young people need stress-free and fun way to learn about their impact on the environment. Plastic Horizons combines an immersive game with information to teach the users about plastic pollution and changes they can make in their lives to combat the issue.

Why does this matter? 

Statistically, Millennials and Gen Z care more about the environment than older generations. However, the overall number of climate conscious young people is pretty low. By giving people a fun way to learn and giving them access to resources to make better choices, we can help lower the impact of plastic in the Gulf of Mexico.  



User Personas and Empathy Maps




Final Outcome

VR Experience 

Visitors of the Plastic Horizons exhibition can participate in a VR game that promotes keeping the Gulf of Mexico pollutant free. There is three levels in the game, with each level having smaller pollutants, therefore getting more difficult. When the player finds and selects the pollutants in the water, they can read and learn about the specific pollutant. Once the player collects all pollutants, they can move on to the next level. 


App Experience

At the exhibit, attendees are encouraged to download the Plastic Horizons app. This app encourages users to make changes that help reduce their environmental impact. When users make these changes, they can redeem discounts for eco-friendly products. 



This project was very interesting and also challenging. I learned a lot about the ocean and plastic pollution, and I learned how to prioritize and consolidate information. Making people want to learn about something that is stressful and not fun is challenging, but tapping into young people’s interest in new technology and gaming made the project successful. 

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